The Water, Energy, Power Company (WEPCO)

about us

WEPCO General Enterprises. provides Engineering & Construction services to various market segments and industries. Through a network of experienced personnel, the company caters for projects of a diverse nature and specializes in projects which require a multi discipline engineering background.



WEPCO General Enterprises is divided into
five operational divisions.

  • Fluid Systems & Pipeline Division
  • Power Transmission & Distribution Systems Division
  • Oil & Gas Division
  • Transportation & Roads Division
  • Building Technologies Division

The Operational Divisions in turn specialize in a wide range of projects. In a typical project several divisions will form an internal alliance in securing and executing projects. The division whose scope forms the major part of the project will usually take the lead and provide Project management support. In addition, these divisions are fed with resources from the wide resource pool available in the Companies Departments



The Company is structured on a pool of resources
which split into five departments. These departments, listed below, in turn provide the various projects with all the resources they may require in addition to logistical and financial planning support

  • Administration
  • Quality Control / Quality Assurance
  • Health, Safety & Environment
  • Operations
  • Contracts


Through the Companies involvement in such a wide range of projects, the customer base includes a spectrum of Organizations. WEPCO executes projects on behalf of the Municipalities, Water, Waste-water and Electricity Authorities, Department of Transport and Road Authorities and Oil & Gas majors.

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